Hello, and, humm, welcome I guess,

Italian from the great ’80s, also known as the pre-internet era. Organic chemist working on supramolecular interaction and systems chemistry. Wandering around Europe since 2007 (PhD in Germany and now Postdoc in the Netherlands). Outside the lab I’m interested in almost everything from video games to the latest viral video on internet. Ukulelist (wiktionary says that this word exists so…). Exploring communication in many different ways. 

“If you have a problem…
If no one else can help…
and if you can find me… “

no, just kidding, it’s quite easy to find me:

Twitter: @V_Saggiomo
Mail: vsaggiomo@gmail.com

ORCID: 0000-0001-7196-602X

G+: vittorio saggiomo 
youtube: vsaggiomo 

My non-sense blog: www.labsolutely.org 

Still under construction…..