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Let’s start with this: I love supramolecular interactions and I love macrocycles. I also have fun in trying to understand complex systems. Check my CV for the papers summarised here.


My academic career started in Naples during my Master Thesis. There I synthesised this macrocycle and I did some studies on its self aggregation properties: (ref)



Then I moved to Kiel, Germany, and I started working with imines and Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry. Since then, imine formation is still one of my favourite (reversible) reaction.
I was using aldehydes and amines for screening imino macrocycles capable of working as carriers (transporting ions from a source water phase to a receiver water phase passing through an organic membrane). In this way you don’t have to synthesise different carriers and then test them with different ions. With our approach/methodology, you just need to mix the building blocks together with the ions you want to transport and screen the receiver phase. This methodology works with different membranes (bulk, supported liquid and even liposomes), and is effective also in screening different carriers in one shot. (ref1, ref2, ref3)


During this work I encountered two papers about the synthesis of imines in water that were contradictory. We shine a light on it and publish the results. (ref)


As I told you I really love macrocycles so…..
This is the first ion-triplet complex reported in literature. (ref)


These are for complexing toxic heavy metals and lanthanides. (ref1, ref2, ref3)


and even a concave (bimacrocycle). (ref open access)



Then I moved to Groningen, the Netherlands, and switch from working with imines to working with disulfides.

Some papers from my postdoc are still under heavy writing and for others I’m finishing the experimental part. I’m currently working on complex systems and how to use them. Detecting molecular similarity is only one of the many possibilities. (ref open access)


I’m also working on (dynamic) nanoparticles for protein recognition and on the synthesis of new building blocks and their use in dynamic libraries.

____________Some Presentations_______________

Ph.D. Viva – 15.46Mb- the presentation for my phd defense in Kiel

EUCheMS – 14.14Mb – the presentation for the EUCheMS 2010 in Nürnberg

Otto-Diels-Award – 27.52Mb – the award lecture of the OD prize in Kiel

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